A Second Journey: Edinburgh Distribution

Later this week, the Edinburgh church will be holding three evening services that very simply discuss some of the basic teachings of the Bible.  Last year, the services focussed on identity.  This year, they will center around the story of the Prodigal Son.

Today, we continued distributing leaflets to spread the word about these meetings in the area surrounding the school where the church gathers.  Peter, the wonderful pastor of the Edinburgh church, picked the team up at about 9:30 this morning, and we were out on the streets, leaflets in hand an hour or so later.

It has been a quite chilly late May and June so far, even for Scotland, and there was a buffeting wind all day that legitimately nearly knocked me over a couple of times.  Still, I did eventually have to take off my outer jacket, hot from walking and climbing sets of stairs in flats.  We did manage to get through quite a few leaflets, and it was a blessing to speak to several people personally who seemed to be interested in the meetings, and even said they may attend!  I know, exciting, and surprising, considering one of them I had just frightened half to death when she opened her door to find me stooping to slip a flier through it.  I had also been rather frightened when she opened the door, and we laughed for about a minute as we both recovered from the shock.  Funny moment… I hope to see her again at one of the meetings!

At 1:00 Pm, we took a lunch break, then continued our distribution until about 6:00 Pm.  We were pretty exhausted by then, and had a lovely dinner at an Edinburgh buffet.  Four different types of meat to choose from and unlimited sides.  Pretty tasty!

I fell asleep in the van on the way home, lulled by the food, conversation, and sunshine through the window.  I am beyond tired now and we have another day of distribution tomorrow, so I’d best get some rest.  Cheers!

A Guide to Guide Dog Schools

The Beginning

Though it has been ages, I would like to continue my previous Scotland narrative, if only for posterity’s sake (hahaha, get it, POSTerity!), but as I do that, and begin my second journey in the field of missions work, I would like to expand my blog’s content a bit as well.  Yes, I know, ambitious, especially considering my track record.  We’ll see how this goes.

Oleta and I would like to introduce our new series dedicated to all things guide dog.  For the first several posts in this category, we will be examining the positives, negatives, and all the in betweens of different guide dog schools.  I, and of course Oleta, have always been fascinated with the breeding, raising, training, and every day living of guide dogs and their people; I figured it was time I put all my web surfing and video watching on this subject to some use.  Plus, it’s more fun than homework. 🙂

See you in our next few posts, our alma mater, A Guide to Guide Dog Schools: Guiding Eyes for the Blind.

Hearts and Smiles,

Oleta and Shea